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Just so we're all aware 8^.^8

Monday the 11th
Moon in 4th quarter, Virgo
Columbus Day (observed... banks are closed)

Tuesday the 12th
Moon in 4th quarter, Virgo
Moon void-of-course 12:32 am (it's all local time)
Moon enters Libra 6:32 am (most will be asleep for v/c)
Birthday of Aleister Crowley, 1875... random useless info

Wedesnday the 13th (it's not Friday!  Woot!)
Moon in 4th, Libra
New moon!  Woot!  7:48 pm
Solar eclipse at 8:00 pm, 21° Libra 06'

Thursday the 14th
Moon in 1st quarter, Libra
Moon void-of-course 7:22 am (gggggg.... wonderful morning that's gonna be)
Moon enters Scorpio 11:10 am 

Friday the 15th
Moon in 1st, Scorpio
Mercury enters Scorpio 3:57 pm  (emotional logic, anyone?)
Ramadan begins

Saturday the 16th
Moon in 1st, Scorpio
Moon void-of-course 8:43 am
Moon enters Sagittarius 1:58 pm
It's my Mom's birthday!  Her name is Karri.  Give her a call at (530) 336-7300 and wish her happy birthday, eh?  She'll yell at me (Diamond), not at you.

Sunday the 17th
Moon in 1st, Sagittarius
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