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Saying Hello

Greetings and hallucinations:

Just dropping in to say hello. i just joined the community. I am a member of the cast of Barely Legal in Oakland. The same cast as cheshire_eddie. Word ma Turtle Power brutha.

For anyone in the area interested.....I am in a production of the stage show of Rocky Horror in Sacramento. I am a Phantom. (You can't miss me...I'm the GLAM looking one.)
We close this coming weekend. With shows still on Thursday the 21st at 6:30pm, Friday the 22nd at 8pm and midnight, Saturday 23rd (my b-day) at 8pm and Sunday 24th at 2pm.

$9 student/seniors
$11 general
$1 with an ARC card
MUST have a picture id on you. They are carding everyone. 17 and over only!

American River College
4700 College Oak Drive
Sacramento, CA 95841

Hope to see you there.
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