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Travel Plans and Feb 11th Show Photos Up (sorta X-Posted)

I'm planning to get as much of our cast as I can out to see some other casts here sometime in the next month. Barely Legal seems like the best bet as it is a simple freeway drive (though 200miles) down to them, and they play every weekend. If anyone has alternative suggestions, or any BL folks have recommendations for a particular show, please chime in.

Our Valentines/Mardi Gras show went well, despite the usual rushing about. I've even managed to already post the first set of pictures (and there should be quite a few more to come as people trickle them in to me).

(Also finally posted a few shots from the Xmas show - we didn't have any on-cast or cast-related photographers there for that show, so it's pretty sparse)

Hope everyone else's shows went well, too.
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